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Post classical unit by Shin (composer) and Juni (Vo) which started from the summer of 2015.
The singing voice that spins out the coined word is innocent like a girl who is innocent, and the sound is gloomy and has a gentle sound, while feeling a pale sentiment and introverted poison.

Takuma Iwakawa

自身のレーベルForce Records/Mind Out Recordsを運営するなど、精力的に音楽活動を行っている。

Music artists living in Fukuoka.
He is actively engaged in music activities, such as running his own label Force Records / Mind Out Records.
He is also pursuing experimental sound, a key artist who needs attention.



House Of Tapes

名古屋の電子音楽家。ナゴエレ主催。Sleep Jam Records主宰。

Teen Daze氏、NYANTORA氏、[.que]氏、伊藤篤宏氏らと共演。
別名義Swamp Soundsでイギリスのレーベルよりデビュー予定。

Electronic musician in Nagoya. Nagoere sponsored. Sleep Jam Records presided over.
Tanuki Naili Records belongs. Teen Daze, Mr. NYANTORA, [. Que], Atsuhiro Ito and others.
Musical pieces involving experimental elements are also taken up in overseas music media.
We are planning to debut from the British label with another name Swamp Sounds.

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